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About Us.

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Our Mission

B-Side Hydration is a premiere client-centered company where clients can relax in their home. Our goal is to empower our clients towards increasing their optimal level of health.  Our team consists of committed and uniquely licensed professionals who are dedicated to improving your overall health and wellness.

Our Values

B-Side Hydration brings all services to the home and alternate-site settings.  B-Side Hydration, thrives on providing exceptional services and values promoting positive client outcomes. Our vision is to promote safe high quality, and effective IV Hydration Therapy and Vaginal Wellness to all of our clients.  

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Amaris was born in Baltimore, MD and completed her first Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Coppin State University, followed by a second Bachelor’s in Nursing from Drexel University. After gaining experience as a cardiac, medical-surgical, and home health nurse, she returned to Coppin State University for the Master’s Program. Graduating from the Family Nurse Practitioner Program in 2019, she earned the Dean’s Award and successfully completed research about African American diabetics and a vegan diet. She continues to focus on nutrition, patient-centered care, and chronic care management as a primary care nurse practitioner at Taylor Integrated Health, as well as seeing patients in the home with Baltimore Healthcare at Home. 


Dawn is a Patient Care Coordinator at Kaiser Permanente. Dawn is a registered nurse who hold her master’s in nursing informatics. During the day she assist patient and families upon admission to the hospital to coordinate any care needed upon discharge. In addition to her full-time job as a Nurse Discharge Planner, she has most recently joined the fight against COVID 19 and is working part-time as a vaccination clinic nurse in many COVID 19 vaccination clinics around the Baltimore Metropolitan area.


Dawn has a passion for assisting people to returning to their optimal level of health. She has works in various capacities in her 23 years in healthcare field, with 8 of those years being a registered nurse. Some of the areas she has covered are, geriatric, emergency room, urgent care, health department, and ambulatory care.


Dawn is a Baltimore native. She loves to travel in her spare time. She considers herself a lifelong nurturer of people. She also considers herself a lifelong learner due to her receiving her bachelor’s degree for Sojourner Douglas College. She returned to Walden University, where she obtained her master’s degree in nursing informatics. She is currently enrolled in the Family Nurse Practitioner Program at Coppin State University. Dawn’s reason for continuing the work she does is because she understands it will have a lasting impact on those, she serves for many years to come.

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An In Depth Look Into B-Side

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